CSP has established the Community Engagement Fund which is aimed at promoting peace, security and community building within its partner communities. Community based organisations and Community Action Councils may apply for up to $10,000.00 to implement projects which strengthen community relations and facilitate the social and economic well being of their community and its residents.

The following types of activities are eligible for funding from the Community Engagement Fund:


  • Equipment requests
  • Training activities
  • Counselling and other Social Assistance for Families
  • One-Off activities (Sports and Family Days, Talent Show, Health Caravans)
  • Camps
  • Partnership Projects

Ineligible activities

  1. Launches and Graduation (only)
  2. Commercial activities (e.g. parties, boat rides or any fundraiser)
  3. Scholarships for individuals
  4. Support for travel abroad - requests to assist with travel and accommodation costs are excluded.
  5. House repairs, or other repairs to private property
  6. Training in unrelated areas e.g. Disaster Preparedness and Management
  7. Political and protest activities - applications to support fundraising, campaigning or any other activity associated with any political party will not be accepted.
  8. Medical Bills
  9. Recreational Activities
  10. Burials and Funeral Expenses
  11. Non-CAC led Christmas Treats
  12. Bail
  13. Money to start an organisation
  14. Capital Improvement projects or general operating funds

If interested in applying for the Community Engagement Fund, please contact the Community Action Department.