The CSP has introduced the School Based Violence Prevention Programme which provides grants up to $50,000 to schools seeking to address its safety and violence prevention issues.


The school is one of the most important socializing environments for children, since it is where they spend a great deal of time interacting with teachers and peers. However, the persistent spill over of community socioeconomic conditions and violence means that schools and their surroundings are no longer protected places, but share in the day-to-day violence of the wider community. The phenomenon of school violence encompasses all incidents in which any member of the school community is subjected to abuse, threatening, intimidating or humiliating behaviour, or physical assault from a student, teacher, or staff member.


Schools have proven to be an appropriate environment for effective implementation of violence prevention programs by detecting early onset and development of aggressive, antisocial behavior and averting or delaying the initial occurrence of problems. Projects therefore need to demonstrate how they are reaching at-risk children and youth (students) and their families.  


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Report on bullying & victimisation in primary schools in north Trinidad - R. Seepersad, 2014


In 2013, CSP was pleased to partner with the Ministry of Education to conduct a survey on bullying in schools.  This was funded via the School Based Violence Prevention grant .


In Trinidad and Tobago there is growing concern that the occurrence of bullying and violence in schools is increasing at an unprecedented scale. Bullying is only one form of school indiscipline that may often lead to violence, though violence may take many forms apart from bullying.  


In 2013; the Ministry of Education approached the Citizen Security Programme of the Ministry of National Security to partner in the conduct of a bullying survey in 10 schools in North Trinidad. The CSP, in response, approved TT$500,000 to finance this project as part of its larger School Based Violence Prevention initiative. All technical support and project management were provided by the Student Support Services Division of the Ministry of National Security.


Conducted over the course of one year (August 15, 2013 – August 8, 2014), the study assessed the nature and extent of bullying and victimization in ten primary schools in North Trinidad.  The results from this analysis were used to provide recommendations for dealing with bullying and victimization in the selected schools. There is now need to sensitise the national public about the findings and implications of this comprehensive and informative report.