The Bethel Community

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Mrs. Ann Marie DeGazon

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 Bethel Community Action Council (CAC)

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Bethel Community Profile


Bethel is an inland community located in South West Tobago. It is bounded on the east by Patience Hill, on the west by Mt. Irvine , on the north by a densely wooded area bordering with the Black Rock village and on the south by the Carnbee village. It can easily be found by driving along the Carnbee Main Road to Buccoo Auchenscheoch Road. At its entry point is the Montgomery Recreation grounds which houses a football field, netball and basket ball courts.

Bethel is a traditional village with modest housing scattered with pockets of low income housing embedded in a cross -section of hills and valleys.



Bethel has a population of 1871 almost equally divided among females (953) and males (918) . The population is predominately of African descent with large family units either living in single dwelling houses or in a complex of closely knit houses. A significant number of the households are female headed single parent homes.

The 2000 population census noted that there were twenty (20) businesses and 256 dwelling houses.



There is one Government primary school in Bethel which has an average population of 175 students. The school is managed by a sitting principal, the School Board and the Division of Education Youth Affairs and Sport. The School population is comprised mainly of persons living in Bethel and environs and is located on the south-western end of the community, in Montgomery, Bethel.


Youth Activities

There are five (5) youth organizations operating in the community. Two are faith based, two sporting, and one a community club- the Bethel Police Youth club – which is currently being reactivated through efforts of the Council. The Sporting clubs, both football, provide the hub of activities for young people in the community. The recreational grounds provide support for these activities and on any given day young people can be seen playing football or basket ball.
Alternatively, the Redemption Sound Setters Steel Orchestra, although not a youth organisations, provides a consistent stream of training and related opportunities for persons interested in playing the pan. Many young people from the community benefit from this developmental activity. 



The economy of the Bethel community is largely driven by the government sector who is the primary employer, particularly through CEPEP, URP and Infrastructure development projects. Other businesses, mainly retail shops provide some employment, but are primarily owner operated.