The Bon Accord Community

Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer

Mrs. Ann Marie DeGazon

Tel. 868 635 0478

Bon Accord Community Action Council (CAC) Members


Umar Abdullah  
Althea Busby  
Curt Virgil  
Delores Edwards  
Hazel Ann George  
Roxanne Herbert  
Henry James  
Anthony R Hector  
Lucille Percy-George  
Noel Quamina  
Arden Samuel  
Reginald Trim  
Deborah Williams  
Steve Woods  
Olyvya O'Connor  
Patrick Busby  


Bon Accord Community Profile



Bon Accord is nestled between the villages of Crown Point on the West and Canaan on the east, in the south western end of the island. It is approximately 5minutes drive from the Crown Point international airport. It is bordered on the North and South by the sea and can be described as a mixture of planned and scattered development. There is one main access road into the community, the Milford Main Road; however within the village there is a mass of interconnecting streets synonymous with a planned block settlement. Three planned housing developments are evident in Bon Accord; The Old Housing Scheme and the Milford Court Housing Scheme are both Government settlements and the Bon Accord Estate Integrated Development  was developed by a the Mt. Pleasant Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited.



Bon Accord has a population of 2247 persons of which 1155 are female and 1092 are male . According to the 2000 population census there are 661 households and 150 businesses resident in Bon Accord. While the population of Tobago is primarily of African descent, this community is one which can be described as more cosmopolitan in nature with a unique blend of various ethnicities, primarily of European decent given the characteristics of the island’s mass tourism market. Interestingly, there is little evidence of this blend in the traditional sectors (The old housing scheme, Milford Court and Main Street Bon Accord) of the community. The Bon Accord community is known for its religious observances as reflected in the various religious bodies present in the community. The major religious bodies operating in the community include: Seventh Day Adventist, Anglican, Moravian, Pentecostal, Spiritual Baptist, Baptist, Muslim, Hindu, and Methodist.


There is one Government primary school in Bon accord which had an average population of 426 students. The school is managed by a sitting principal, the School Board and the Division of Education Youth Affairs and Sport. The School population is comprised mainly of persons living in Bon Accord and environs and is located in a school complex comprising the Bon Accord Trade School and the School for the Deaf. Several private preschool can be found dotted throughout the community which are monitored by the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport of the Tobago House of Assembly.
Construction work is currently being carried out on a building to house the Metal Industries Training Institute. Completion is set for September. The facility will become the site for advanced technical training on the island and will incorporate programmes such as HYPE (Helping Youth Prepare for Employment).


The Bon Accord Community together with its partner communities, Canaan and Crown Point are currently the tourism hub of the island. It earned its name as a result of the recent developmental spurt that the communities have seen primarily in the area of Tourism development. Unlike its traditional past, the economy of Bon Accord is like the rest of Tobago; government led with a significant portion of the labour force employed in the government sector. Bon Accord however is one of the communities that have evolved into a lucrative private sector which is attributed mainly to the growth and expansion in the tourism sector, both local and foreign. The impact of tourism has been most evident in the massive expansion of the entertainment and accommodation products offered, which is visible in the community through the increased numbers of restaurants, bars, party halls and other informal liming spots, many of which come alive during festival and holiday seasons. The majority of these businesses are service and retail oriented due to anticipated windfall from the developing Tourism sector and an expanding local market.

The type of housing and available public amenities used as a measure of the standard of living and income earning capacity of the community would suggest that most families occupy the middle to high income bracket since dwelling houses are primarily owner occupied on single lots. All streets are properly lit with the exception of two vulnerable areas. Streets are generally well paved with adequate space for walking on the main road and all homes receive pipe - borne water.
The community which lies in close proximity to the Cove Industrial Development stands to benefit from the current developments taking place.


Youth Activities

There are seven (7) youth organizations operating in the community. Three are religious base, two sporting, and two community clubs including the Bon Accord police Youth club formed as a direct action of the Community Action Council. Community spaces include a community Centre, a community park, a double recreational ground for football, basket ball and netball Courts. The Community has a sporting history particularly in the area of football; the Phoenix football club therefore has a long history of uniting the community and bring a sense of pride to the community. This community boasts of producing the internationally acclaimed footballer- Dwight Yorke.
The community is however experiencing significant challenges in maintaining group commitment and as such many organisations are operating way below capacity which results in limited activities for youth. The resurgence of energy now found in the Police Youth Club is helping to inspire change.