The Dibe / Belle Vue / Dundonald Hill Community

Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

Mrs. Rea George-Smith

Tel. 868 628-4277 ext. 12627


Belle Vue, Dibe, Dundonald Hill Community Action Council (CAC)

Asa Pesnell
Kendun Hope V.President
Shudeska Holder Secretary
Stacy Benjamin V.Secretary
Curtis Browne Member
Anita Diaz Member
Philma Browne Member
Cherry-Ann Clarke Member
Kern Solomon Member
Petrina Roberts
Verina Liverpool
Jennilyn Hamblyn-Raphael Member
Antoinette Daniel Member
Andrea Saunders Member


Belle Vue, Dibe, Dundonald Hill Community Profile


Dibe/Belle Vue  is located in the northern part of Trinidad, North West of downtown Port-of-Spain. To the South of Dibe/BelleVue is Patna Street; to the East is the Crest of Hills thence an imaginary line to and along Perigord Rd and Long Circular Rd. To the West is Bombay St; New Rd; Aboud Circular Rd; Dundonald Hill thence an imaginary line to crest of hills.  

Dibe/Belle Vue is a residential area with 824 households and a total population of 2,323 . The Dibe/Belle Vue area is somewhat culturally and racially diverse and can be broken down as follows: African (73%), Indian (10%), Mixed (14%), and Chinese/Caucasian/Syrian/etc (2%). The age group of the youth population 7-24 represents 35% of the population. The majority of residents (32%) are Roman Catholic there are Anglicans, Presbyterians, Hindus, Muslims, Baptists, Jehovah Witness and Methodists. In this community there are a higher number of women who have never been married 36% as compared to couples 23% or to Common-Law relationships which make up only 15%.

There is a Government Primary School in the immediate area but the youth have to leave the community to attend Secondary School. The majority of the population has attended school with 43% having Secondary Schooling as the highest level, however out of this group 57% did not pass any exam. Obtaining 3-4 O’Levels was the next highest level of education with 6% of the population having achieved this. Of those who did some level of training 55% have a certificate with an exam. The 7-12 age group makes up 40% of those attending school.

The workforce of Dibe/Belle Vue is 1020 persons; this represents 74% of the working population. Of this group the majority work in private enterprise (57%) followed by those who work for the Government (11%). The major occupation of the working population is Elementary with 22% followed closely by Service and Sales with 19%. The major industry is the Wholesale and Retail Trade that makes up 20% of all Industries. Though 29% of the population did not state their income status, 31% of the population earns less than $500. This is followed by 16% of the population who earn $1,000 - $1,999.

Youth Activities
There are few recreational facilities in the community. There is a sports field in the community however it is in need of an upgrade. There is also a basketball court in need of refurbishment.


Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments