The Glen Road / Darrel Spring Community


Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer


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Glen Road / Darrel Spring Community Action Council (CAC) Members

Caulston Edwards
Pastor Michael Williams
Vice Chair
Bertrand Moses
Earnest Alexanxder
Kelvin Smith
Jerry Ali
Annette Morris
Kevin Christmas
Patricia Peters
Joel Simmons
Eva Simon-Roberts
Karen Hunter



Glen Road / Darrel Spring Community Profile



Glen Road/Darrel Spring is a small community located on the southwestern end of Tobago; served by the Scarborough Police District. Glen Road/Darrel Spring is situated directly adjacent to Scarborough; Tobago’s main urban area; and is bordered on the south by the Claude Noel Highway, on the East by Rockly Vale Road connecting with Providence Road and on the West by Wilson Road.
The community is comprised primarily of owner occupied concrete dwellings, mainly along the major roadways in the community. This allows community members access to the main town which in turn affords easy access to various amenities and conveniences including public and private transportation, shopping and entertainment. 

Although it may, for all intents and purposes, be classified as a suburban community; Glen Road/Darrel Spring also finds itself in the unique position of having large lots of land that are heavily covered with overgrowth; a situation which lends to the uniqueness of the Glen Road/Darrel Spring Community. 



According to the 2000 national census Glen Road/Darrel Spring boasts 545 households with 1691 individuals living within its borders. Of this number 819 (48.45%) are males and 872 (51.55%) are females largely of African descent.



The opportunities of educational advancement are varied with schools encompassing every educational level accommodating persons from both inside and outside Glen Road/Darrel Spring. The community boasts 2 government assisted pre-schools in Log Wood Park (combined population 57), 1 Privately owned Primary School in Rockly Vale (Scarborough Seventh-day Adventist Primary - population 307), 1 Privately owned secondary school in Rockly Vale (Harmon School of Seventh-day Adventists - population 316), 1 Privately owned Community College At Mount Peliar Junction (Trinidad and Tobago Community College - population 60), 1 Public Tertiary Level Institution (College of Science, technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago COSTATT), and 1 Privately owned Tertiary Level Institution in Rockly Vale (University of the Southern Caribbean - population 149). 



The community has a good mix of private sector and government business, as there are currently 70 established business places situated there. These include a number of government offices (the Division of Health, Social Services, Division of Agriculture, Department of Sports, The Division of Finance, and the Central Statistical Office); there are also several small and medium sized private businesses in operation including, 2 restaurants, 3 supermarkets, a hardware, a carwash, an upholstery shop, a radiator service shop, an auto accessory shop, 2 car rental services, and a plethora of other shops and parlors owned by both residents and non-residents.


Youth Activities

There are a limited number of youth organizations in the community, the existing ones include the Glen Road/Darrel Spring United Football Club – focusing on young men ages 16 to 25 years old; The Scarborough Seventh-day Adventist Pathfinder Club – focusing on the physical and spiritual development of young persons from infant to young adult, and The God’s Messengers Group – a musical group which focuses on skills development of those between the ages of 10 and 20 years.

There is a Community Centre in the community whose activities that are generally geared to the interests of females (garment construction, cake decoration, drapery making, and floral arrangement). There has of late however, been an effort to broaden the offerings and thus a drummology program has recently been started.