Marie Road Community Profile

Marie Road Community Profile


Marie Road is located next to Romain Lands just off the Lady Young Road in the vicinity of Morne Leotaud and is located on a hill.


Marie Road has a population of 558. The Marie Road community has a larger Afro-Trinidadian population of 85%, 6% East Indians and the remaining 9% is mixed. 25% of the population are Shouter Baptist, 20% are Roman Catholics and 19% are Pentecostal and 9% are Seven Day Adventist the remaining 27% are Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Rastafarians and Orisha.


There are no schools on Marie Road however the majority of the population have attended school. 40% of the population attended up to Primary School and 39% attended up to Secondary School. The remaining 20% only attended pre-school. Only 1% of the female population reached tertiary levels of education and 0% of the male population reached tertiary level of education.


40% of the population in Marie Road are presently employed and 28% have never looked for a job the remaining 32% are either in school or had a job and did not work.

There is only one palour and food place located at the bottom of Marie Road and no other business places in the community.

Youth Activities

There is no community center, basketball court, youth facility or football field. At the moment there are no functioning youth groups in Marie Road.


In Marie Road there are no functioning Community Based Organisations or Non Government Organisations.


There are no institutions on Marie Road.

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