The Mon Repos Community

Community Action Officer (CAO)

Mr. Kevin Liverpool

Tel. 868-628-4277  ext. 12625


Mon Repos Community Action Council (CAC)

Terry Woodsley Chairman
Theresa Hope Secretary
Roger Callender Member
Sheldon Toppin Member
Joanna Thompson Member
Shamane Charles Member
Emelda Goddard Member
Stella Pompey Member
Brian Lewis Member
Curtis Reid Member


Mon Repos Community Profile 

Mon Repos  is located in Morvant with its borders being hills to the north then along Mon Repos Road. From the north going east there are hills then a foot path to Angelina Terrace, then an imaginary line to and along Pitch Rd.  The Lady Young Road is to the south. From here going west is Laventille Ext. Rd; Romain Lands; thence an imaginary line to hills. The community is served by one street Mon Repos Road which runs in and out of the community.

Mon Repos is a residential area with 1,005 households and a total population of 2,959 . The Mon Repos community has a larger Afro-Trinidadian population with 84%. 40% of the population is between 7-24 years of age. The majority of residents are of the Roman Catholic religion (29%) followed closely by the Baptist religion (19%).

Many of the houses are concrete and built on the hill sides, either going up or going down. The roads are in need of repair and water supply is unreliable.

There are no pre-schools, primary or secondary schools in the area. The majority of the population has attended school however only 39% have Secondary Schooling as the highest level, out of this group 72% did not pass any exam. Obtaining 3-4 O’Levels was the next highest level of education with 6% of the population having achieved this. Of those who did some level of training 48% have a certificate with an exam. The 7-12 age group makes up 40% of those attending school.

The workforce of Mon Repos is 1,234 persons; this represents 73% of the working population. Of the working population the majority work in private enterprise (62%) followed by those who work as no pay help (14%). The major occupation of the working population is elementary with 27%, while the major industry is Wholesale and Retail, accounting for 23% of all Industries. 34% of the population makes less than $500 monthly followed by 18% making $1,000 - $1,999.

Youth Activities
There are few facilities for youth activity in Mon Repos. There are no recreational sports grounds or play parks for the children and youth of the community. Therefore the youth have resorted to playing football in the streets. While there is a basketball court, it is in need of upgrading and has no lights. The Community Centre was burnt down and only partially rebuilt.


Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments