Picton Community Profile


It is located in the vicinity of the WASA tanks (Picton Tanks) and the Laventille Shrine (Roman Catholic Church).


The community of Picton has a population of 2,896 persons with approximately 907 households. According to CSO statistics (2011), male headed households account for 53%, while the remaining 47% are female-headed households. Youth between the ages of 12-29 years account for 30% of the population, while only 9% are persons 65 and over. Picton is largely made up of Africans 80%. 5% identified themselves as Mixed – African and Indian, Mixed – Other 4%, Caucasian 0.2%, Chinese 0.03% and 9% did not state.  The religious composition of Picton includes Roman Catholic at 24% followed by Baptist 20%, Pentecostal at 16% and 12% Anglican with many other religions in smaller percentages. Also, 15% of persons stated that they did not belong to any religion or they did not state.


The secondary school statistics for Picton shows 40% attended primary and secondary school.   The tertiary (technical/vocational) level is 3% and the tertiary at the university level is 2%.


The area is characterized as a residential development on steep slopes with poor layout and infrastructure and deficiencies in provision of social/community facilities. Former quarries are now occupied by informal housing settlements. Commercial and light industrial developments with some institutional uses are located along the Eastern Main Road/St. Joseph Road. The levels of employment is 40%, persons who did not look for work is 22% and 0.6% had a job but did not work.

Youth Activities

Many football games are played in streets of Picton and cards are played by the corner of the road.  There is a basketball court situated at upper Piction which is mostly used by the youths.


There is 1 community group and 1 dance group in Picton.


There is a church, a police post, a homework centre and 2 primary schools located in Picton.

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