Romain Lands Community Profile


Romain Lands is situated in SanJuan/Laventille Region and located to the West of Marie Road just off the Lady Young Road in the vicinity of Morne Leotaud. Romain Lands has a length of 0.65 kilometres.


Romain Lands is a residential area with an estimated population of 916 persons with an average of 266 households.  The Survey of Living Conditions (CSO, 2011) indicates that more than half of the households (66%) are male headed households while females headed 44% of the households in Romain Lands. The community has a large youth population with a 34% between the ages of 12 – 29 and 7% being persons over 65 years.

The community of Romain Lands comprises mainly of Africans at 78%, Mixed – Africans and Indians 10%, East Indians 5%, Mixed – Other 4% and Chinese 0.1%. The main religious composition of Romain Lands is Baptist with 26% followed by Roman Catholics 21% and closely by Pentecostal 19%. The remaining regions are Anglican 7%, Seven Day Adventist 6%, Jehovah’s Witness 3% and 8% comprised of Hinduism, Islam, Methodist, Movarian and Rastafarian. A large number of 10% stated that they did not belong to a religion or did not comment.


Most of the residents of Romain Lands have attended primary school. However, the highest level of secondary school education attained is 46%. The access of tertiary education (technical/vocational) is very low with 5% and tertiary education at the university level is 2%.


Romain Lands is a small community that has steep slopes and water sheds. There is no real economic activity in this area.  The employment levels are 45% and are generated from outside Romain Lands with mostly non-skilled persons earning low wages. A startling 25% of persons did not look for work and 0.7% had a job but did not work.

Youth Activities

Youth activities are minimal within the area as there is no community or homework centre. Young people often use the roads for football and basketball.  Thus, young people usually go out of the community for various activities.


There are no community based organization or non-governmental organizations in Romain Lands.


Romain Lands is a community with no schools, churches, community or homework centres in the area.

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