The Samaroo Village \ Mootoo Lands Community


Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

Mr. Ato Augustine

Tel. 868-628-4277  ext. 12624


Pinto Road Communty Action Council (CAC)

Derick Davis Chairperson
Gemma Richards Vice Chairperson
Sherry Ann Cochrane Public Relations Officer / Youth Officer
Gail Jones-James Assistant Secretary
Amryl Rivers-Rodriguez Member
Judy Pamphille Member
Bernice Clarke Member
Brent Julien Member
Lennox Pamphille Member
Natalie Martin Member


Samaroo Village \ Mootoo Lands Community Profile


Samaroo Village is situated west of the Borough of Arima approximately (5) minutes away and south of Olton Road. Samaroo Village is administered by the Tunapuna/ Piarco Regional Corporation. The Priority Bus Route on the northern side borders Samaroo Village and as a result, there is no need for extensive taxi services since the buses and maxi taxis are within close proximity. While this is a squatting community, some of the residents have received letters of comfort from the government.  

The population of Samaroo Village is approximately 1458 persons. Samaroo Village is ethnically diverse with the Mixed population being approximately 36%, the Afro population being approximately 32%, the Indo population being approximately 12% and all others representing 20%. 40% of the community comprises young persons between the ages 7 – 24 years. Persons over the age of 65 make up approximately 6% of the community. The youth population (persons under 29 years) represents 56% of Samaroo Village. Approximately 45% of the community members are Roman Catholics, 6% are Pentecostals, 4% practice Hinduism, 4% are Seventh Day Adventist, 2% are Jehovah Witnesses, 2% are Muslims and the others account for 37% of the community.10% of the population is married as opposed to the 3% that represent common law relationships.

There are two Secondary Schools within close proximity to the community and three Primary Schools. The majority of the population attended school and 44% of the community attained secondary school education as their highest level reached. 53% of the population within Samaroo Village did not pass any examination. Among the persons within the community who achieved the highest level of education as Secondary, 8% obtained 3-4 O’ Level passes, this also accounts for the majority of residents highest level of examinations passed. Of the population who did some kind of training those that attained certification after examination accounted for approximately 43% of the population.  The population of school aged children (7-12 years) attending school make up 33% of the community.


The working population of this community is 938 persons which account for 64% of the population. There are 22 businesses within the community which comprise of Auto body and supplies shops, Mechanic Shops, Bars, Mini Marts, Parlours, a Car Wash, Construction Company, Craft Shop and a DVD Club.  Among the working population 37% are employed in the private enterprise, 13% work with the government and approximately 5% are no paid help. The majority of the working population within Samaroo Village is employed in the elementary occupations (15%), 11% are employed in the sales and service industry, 11% hold clerical occupations and 9% work in Craft related occupations. The businesses hiring persons within the community are from the wholesale/ retail industry (9%), followed by the social and related industry (8%). Other manufacturing industries employ another 8% of the community. 7% of the population are in Financial Insurance Real Estate and Business Services occupations.

Samaroo Village is mostly made up of lower to middle income families.  78% of the working community earns less than $5000 per month,   18% earn between $1000 - $1999 and 9% of the population earn between $500 - $999.  36% of the community earns less than $500 per month.


Youth Activities  
There are two recreational facilities within the community, one of which is a Basketball Court that is not functional.  The Basketball Court is in need of some basketball rings, the hard court (flooring) needs repaving and the pavilion needs to be lit. The other recreational facility is the Football Field that is seldom maintained, the uneven grounds pose a problem for the prospective players as there is no pavilion and there is a lack of proper lighting. There is another football field that is privately owned and a hall that can be rented to host youth and community events.


Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments