Sea Lots Community Profile


Sea Lots is located to the South West western part of Port of Spain. It is situated on the mouth of the East Dry River and the Coast of Gulf of Paria.  It boarders the Beetham Highway to the North, the Beetham Community to East and the Gulf of Paria to the West.



Sea Lots is a community that comprises 1,259 persons with an estimated number of households of 379 with males heading 53% and females heading 48%.  Sea Lots has a fairly large youth population with 38% between the ages 12 – 29 while only 4% of persons are 65 years and older.  78% of the residents of Sea Lots are African followed by Mixed – Africans and Indians 12%, Mixed – Other 1.3% and the remaining did not state. The religious composition of Sea Lots is Baptist – Spiritual/ Shouter Baptist at 33% which is the largest, followed by Roman Catholics 20%, Pentecostal 13%, Anglican 6%, Seventh Day Adventist 5%, 14% did not state a religion, 2% was not in any religion, and 1% stated other. The remaining 6% stated smaller numbers in other religions.


Most residents of Sea Lots attended to primary school. In relation to secondary schools, the Central Statistical Office figures reveal 47% attended secondary school but it is not known how many completed school or attained CXC qualifications. There is also very low access to tertiary level education. Only 0.7% accessed tertiary (technical/vocational) education while a mere 0.4% accessed tertiary education at university level.


There are various industrial facilities operating in Sea Lots, so despite the large number of residents’ presents there, it can be considered an industrial area.  Notwithstanding this, the crime, poverty and violence reported in this community negatively impacts on access to employment. According to CSO 2011 statistics, only a 32% of persons in Sea Lots are employed and mostly in low income jobs.

The physical and environmental conditions in the informal settlement are poor with the area lacking basic physical and social infrastructure. Over 80% of the residential population of Sea Lots relies on pit latrines for sewage disposal while only 4% have access to a piped supply of potable water to their homes. Residents also have no tenure security and most of their homes, constructed from galvanise and wood, are structurally unsound. A network of roads and physical infrastructure serves the industrial estate located at Sea Lots. Energy industries such as National Petroleum, a wastewater treatment facility and fish processing plant are some of the industries located at Sea Lots. There are some vacant and underused sites within the Industrial Estate.


Youth Activities

The youth facilities in Sea Lots consist of a basketball court in Sea Lots East, which can be used to hold many events and a basketball court in Sea Lots West that is dilapidated. However, many young people are found playing in the roads. There is a very small Play Park in Sea Lots West where children play.  There are 2 Steel-bands and they engage a lot of young people who are under 25 years.


There are approximately 7 CBOs and NGOs in the Sea Lots Community.


There are a few institutions in Sea Lots such as an early childhood care centre. There are no primary or secondary schools, no police posts and 2 churches.  There is a Community Centre in Sea Lots East and in Sea Lots West, the EPOS Development Company has build the Community/Homework and Impact Centre. There are two basketball courts, one in Sea Lots East which has a very small indoor facility and one in Sea Lots West, which is used as a recreational facility.

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