The Sogren Trace Community

Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

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Sogren Trace Community Action Council (CAC)

Junior Francis Chairman
Valarie Courtney Secretary
Natasha Thomas Member
Kattyann Bentick Member
Andy Mitchell Member
Armalla Walsh Member
Leon Roberts Member
Anton Small Member
Terry Sam Member


Sogren Trace Community Profile



Sogren Trace is located in West Laventille, Trinidad and is obliquely opposite Desperados pan yard and directly under the St Barbs’ community. This community overlooks the capital city known as Port-of-Spain. Sogren Trace Laventille community is made up of low to middle income families living permanently.



Sogren Trace Laventille Community is made up of approximately 1,520 persons. The majority (31%) of the population is of African descent, while 10% are mixed and 2% are of East Indian decent. With regards to religious beliefs; 31% of the population is Roman Catholic, 26% Anglican, and 13% are Baptist. This is a fairly young community as 36% of the total population is adolescents and  young people between the ages of 10 – 24 years.



There are 3 business places inclusive of one small parlor attached to a home, one auto body shop, and one welding shop.  Of all employable persons in the community; fifty-seven (24%) is employed in private enterprise, 5% are no paid help and 7% work within the government.  The majority of the workforce (12%) is employed in elementary occupations, 9% are in craft and related occupations and 7% are hired under Service and Sales occupations.  The industries mostly hiring members from this community are wholesale and retail (8%) followed by construction which employs 6% of community members.  Four (4%) percent are employed in personal ad household type of jobs.


Youth Activities

Sogren Trace Laventille has a number of recreation facilities including a football field, basketball court, and a community centre. These facilities are often utilized by the youths and other residents of the community. In addition a lawn tennis court is under construction.



There are two pre-schools in Sogren Trace Laventille.  Approximately half of the residents possess formal Primary or Secondary school education; 44% percent of whom have attended primary school and 41% attended secondary school. The highest level of education attained by residents in Sogren Trace Laventille is Secondary school education (41%). The population of school aged (7 – 12 years) children in Sogren Trace Laventille currently attending school is 173 persons or 11% of residents.


 Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments