The St. Barb's Community


Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

Mr. Gary Grant

Tel. 868-628-4277  ext. 12626


St. Barb's Community Action Council (CAC)

Makeiba Welch Chairman
Devon Welch Vice Chairman
Stacy Sammy Secretary
Karen Saunders Asst. Secretary
Michael Augustus PP Committe
Anthony Manswell PP Committee
Joseph John PP & ICON Committee
Donna Baptiste ICON Committee
Pamela Welch ICON Committee
Yvette Wilson Member
Sandra La Roche Member
Naomi Williams Member
Bernadine Young Member
Reynold Browne Member


St. Barb's Community Profile

St. Barbs is located in Laventille with its borders being from the North Serraneau Road into and along Ravine thence along China Town Road; along steps to St. Barbs Road; along Corbin Trace; and along Chrichlow Hill. From the South Laventille Road; Sogren Trace. East Mappland Road into and along Dos Hill. From the West; crossing Belle Eau Road; into and along the junction of chamberian steps to Belle Eau Road; Regent St; Brown lane and St. Barbs Road.

St. Barbs is a residential area with 1, 538 households and a total population of 4,945 . The St. Barbs community has a large Afro-Trinidadian population of 87%, the next 13% comprising of mixed, Indian, and Chinese. 52% the population is between 13-33 years of age. The majority of residents are of the Anglican religion followed closely by the Baptist Religion. Many of the houses are concrete structures built close together; there are also a few abandoned houses.

There are two pre-schools in the area, both of which are privately owned. There is one primary school in the community; St. Barbs Primary School, which is attended by 40% of the children in the community. The majority of the population has attended school with 43% having Primary Schooling as the highest level followed by 40% at Secondary. 76% of the population never passed any type of exams while only 2% passed examinations at the post secondary level. 

Of the working population the majority work in private enterprises (73%). The major occupation of the working population is elementary and craft related with 50%, while the major industry is construction and wholesale & retail that makes up 36% of all Industries. 32% of the population makes less than $500 monthly followed by those making $1,000 - $1,999 at 21%. There are ten (10) small businesses in the community which range from parlours, a small restaurant, a bar, Play Whe Lotto machine operators, Distribution Company, Straightening Painting Garage, Laundry Mart and a Gas Station.

Youth Activities
There is one basketball court in the Community which is mostly utilized by the residents of St. Barbs on the Laventille Road side. There are two community centres, one of which is in a deplorable state, and both under utilized by youth. There is the Morris Marshall Foundation which hosts ongoing youth training programmes, a computer facility and conducts community outreach programmes. There is also a steel band by the name of Laventille Serenaders where there are approx. twelve (12) youth that play pan but only two (2) belong to the St. Barbs community. Most of the youth in the community prefer to socialize on street corners or play sport on the street, than participate in formal activities.

There are eleven (11) Community Based Organizations that operate in the community whose involvement ranges from Culture, Education, Social, Community Development, Sports and skills training.

There are four (4) institutions in the community- the St. Barbs Police Post, Mediation Sub- Centre (Ministry of Social Development), Morris Marshall Development Foundation and St. Barbs Primary School. There are also several critical institutions that service the community not located within but in close proximity to the community like the Post Office and Health Centre.  


Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments