The La Romaine Community


Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

Mrs. Cristal Harry

Tel. 868-628-4277  ext. 12628


La Romaine Community Action Council (CAC)

Marlon Fraser President
Lace Peters Secretary
Elizabeth Joseph Member
Abigail Keizer Member
Kristal Marceline Member
Gillian Absalom Member 
Glen Jermot Member
Pearl Mitchell Mitchell


La Romaine Community Profile

La Romaine is located in South Trinidad and is bordered on the North by Southern Main Road and South Trunk Road; on the South by From Cane into and un-named Road; La Fortune Road and un-named Road then an imaginary line to and along Trinidad River and Godineau river; to the East by Dumfries Road; Southern Main Road; ravine then an imaginary line to Stephan Avenue Arjoonsingh Dr; Hibiscus Drive then an imaginary line from the junction of Pond Street and Hibiscus Dr to cane then to Concord Road then an imaginary line from the junction of Concord; and to the West by; Godineau river to Southern Main Road and South Trunk Road. The community is comprised of 2,432 dwelling units including single family homes. La Romaine is made up of low to middle income families.

La Romaine is made up of approximately 9,072 ethnically, culturally and economically diverse persons. The majority (48%) of the population is of Indian decent, while 36% are African and 15% are of mixed decent. With regards to religious beliefs; 20% of the population is Hindu, 18% Roman Catholic, and 8% are Pentecostal. 35% of the total population are young people between the ages of 7 – 24 years.

Residents indicate that La Romaine has many occurrences of teenage pregnancy and female-headed single parent homes. The union status of females in this community shows that 40% are married, 29% never had a husband or a partner, 10% are in common-law relationships and 7% are no longer living with a husband or common-law partner. In the general community; 37% of residents have never been married, 31% are married and 2% are divorced.

There are two kindergartens, one pre-school, two Secondary schools and one Early Childhood Care and Education Centre in La Romaine. Eighty-Five percent of the residents possess formal (Primary or Secondary School) education; thirty-four (34%) percent of whom have had 5 years of schooling while only 20% attended school for 7 years or more. The highest level of education attained by residents in La Romaine is Secondary School education (45%) followed by 40% attaining a Primary school level of education. Although members of the community have attended school, 58% of residents have never passed an exam. Of persons who attended school, 8% received 3 – 4 O level subjects while 9% received 5 subjects and over.

In 2000 training was undertaken by 2396 (26%) community residents and included On the Job training (27%), Vocational/Trade (16%), (14%) of Trainees took on Private Study, Technical Institute (8%) and Secondary School (5%). Of the training received 1916 (80%) of residents completed the training. Of this number 56% received a certificate with an examination and 7% received a certificate without an examination.

The population of school aged (7 – 12 years) children of La Romaine currently attending school is 2547 persons or 28% of residents.

There are 216 business places inclusive of small parlors, supermarkets, mini-marts, automobile supply shops, Photo studios, hardware supply stores, and variety stores. Three thousand, Eight hundred and two (3802) persons make up the work force in the community. Fifty-six percent (56%) are employed in a private enterprise, 15% are no paid help and 10% within the government.

The majority of the workforce (22%) is employed in craft and related occupations, 20% are in elementary occupations and 16% are hired under Service and Sales occupations. The industries mostly hiring members from this community are wholesale and retail (22%) followed by construction which employs 14% of community members. Twelve (12%) percent are employed in Personal and Household types of jobs.

This community is comprised of low to middle income families. Thirty-eight (38%) of community members earn less than $500 per month, 14% earn between $1,000-$1,999, and 9% receive between $2,000-$2,999. Four (4%) percent of the population earn more that $5,000 per month.

Youth Activities
The area that the CSP will be working in within the community of La Romaine has a mutli-purpose hard court which is next the community center. The community centre, which is located on Lucky Street, is close in proximity to the streets and sports clubs and cultural groups within the general community. There is also the Lucky Street Recreational Ground which is used by the youth of the community to play football and other sports.


Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments