The North Eastern Settlement Community

Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

Ms. Rachel Joseph

Tel. 868-628-4277  ext. 12629


Community Action Council (CAC)

Althea De Coteau Chairperson
Dave Arthur Member
Ray Castellano Member
Ashton Mills Member
Elrod Carter Member
Linda Mc Kenzie Member
George Roberts Member
Martha Patrick Member
Dalia Forteau Member
Ricardo James Member
Sookdeo Bidassie Member
Andy Espinoza Member


North Eastern Settlement Community Profile

North Eastern Settlement is a rapidly growing squatting community situated approximately five (5) minutes from the city of Sangre Grande, and is administered by the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.  Private cars and taxis are used to enter the community. North Eastern Settlement is bordered by Ojoe Road and Foster Road respectively. Although this is a squatting community; many families have received Letters of Comfort from the government or have been residing there in excess of twenty years. This community includes North Eastern Settlement (proper), Bois Bwande, Pine settlement and Duranta Gardens with a population of approximately nine thousand (9000) persons.

North Eastern Settlement has an estimated population of approximately 9,000. This community has a high number of residents under the age of 40, with at least 30% of the population being persons between the age of 7 and 24. There are a higher number of single –headed household and common-law relationships than there are traditional household structures (married couples). North Eastern Settlement is a diverse community; with the majority being Africans. The residents of North Eastern Settlement belong to various religious bodies. However, most of the residents leave the community to attend church as there are no places of worship within the community.

There is one primary school, various pre-schools, two secondary schools and one tertiary institution situated on the outskirts of North Eastern Settlement which are close enough to be accessed on foot. Based on observation (no CSO data available) most of the young people in North Eastern Settlement who are of school age are pursuing their primary, seconday and tertiary level education. 

The total labour force in North Eastern Settlement is about 60% of the residents in the community. There are a host of little shops and parlours which are run and operated by persons living within North Eastern Settlement. A lot of the residents in the community have some type of skill but are unable to get a job because of varying reasons namely; no one to take care of the children, no academic qualifications, no experience, among others. Many of the residents are also employed in the public service. There are a number of police officers, prisons officers and nurses living in the community however, most of them are living in the more developed areas in North Eastern Settlement namely Duranta gardens and North Eastern Settlement (proper). There are also two (2) small contractors living within the community as well and approximately 20% of residents are involved in service and sales.

Youth Activities
There are only a few youth-serving organisations in the community, most of which are sporting organisations (cricket, football); and there are also a few faith-based groups. Currently there is a Community Center that is being erected in North Eastern Settlement; however there is a wooden structure that is used by the North Eastern Settlement Village Council where several programmes are offered although they are usually attended by older persons in the community. There is one recreational ground which is located outside of the community which includes a football field, cricket pitch and a basketball court. The young people in the community rarely utilize this facility and opt to make use of the road to play cricket and football as part of their daily recreation. 

Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments