The Quash Trace Community

Citizen Security Programme Community Action Officer (CAO)

Ms. Rachael Joseph

Tel. 868-628-4277  ext. 12629


Quash Trace Community Action Council (CAC)

Curtis Quildon Chairman
Kesean Bascombe Deputy Chairman
Jestina Phillip Secretary
Jason Phillip Asst. Secretary
Patsy Austin Member
Michael Baptiste Member
Pearl Boynes Member
Laudie John Member
Daniel Sammy Member
Kewyn Pantin Member

Quash Trace Community Profile

Quash Trace, Sangre Grande is a mostly a privately owned community bounded by Foster road to the east and the Toco road to the west.  Quash Trace is situated approximately ten (10) minutes from the busy Sangre Grande, and is administered by the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.  Private cars and taxis are used to enter the community.

Quash Trace has an estimated population of approximately 3,000. This community has a high number of residents under the age of 40, and at least 25% of the population is between the age of 7 and 24. There are a higher number of common-law relationships than traditional household structures (married couples). Quash Trace is a diverse community; with the majority being Africans. There are no places of worship located within the community.

There is one primary school, various numbers of pre-schools, two secondary schools and one tertiary institution situated on the outskirts of Quash Trace that is accessible from the East of Quash Trace on the Foster Road. There are other primary schools within the Sangre Grande area that the community can access. Most of the young people in Quash Trace who are of school age are pursuing secondary and tertiary level education.

The total labour force in Quash Trace is about 40% of the residents in the community. There are several small business such as parlours which are run and operated by persons living within Quash Trace.

Youth Activities
There are no functioning youth groups in Quash Trace. However, a lot of young men come out in the afternoon to play football and cricket. There is no community center in Quash Trace. There is a recreation ground on Quash Trace extension but it is seldom utilised because of the distance. The young people in Quash Trace use the road or a vacant piece of privately owned land to play football and cricket. 


Source: CSO 2000 Census data; supplemented by CSP Community Assessments