Upper Belmont Community Profile

Upper Belmont Community Profile 

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Upper Belmont is located in Port of Spain and the boundaries are Circular Road in the north, Observatory Street and the East Dry River in the south, the Laventille hills in the east, and the Queen's Park Savannah and St. Ann's River on the west.


Upper Belmont is a residential area with a total population of 3,767. The Upper Belmont community has a larger Afro-Trinidadian population of 56%. This is followed by East Indian 8% and Mixed African/East Indian 8% with the rest of the population made up of Caucasian, Indigenous people and Chinese 28%. 23% of the community are Roman Catholics followed by the Pentecostal /Evangelical/Full Gospel religion 17% and Seven Day Adventist 5% Orisha 5% Jehovah Witness 2% Rastafarian 0.6% and the remaining 25% was not stated.

In terms of community layout, many of the houses are concrete structures built close together and there are a few business places like parlours and small mechanical garages and abandoned houses.


There are no Pre or Primary Schools in the upper Belmont area and only one (1) Secondary School. 73% of the school-age Population are not attending school and 26% are still attending school. 4% of the population is presently enrolled in tertiary level education.


Of the population, 44% of the residents are presently working. The area has low levels of economic activity and high levels of unemployment, unequal access to employment and services and the area relies heavily on government programmes. There is also environmental degradation particularly on the hillside of Upper Belmont.

Youth Activities

There is one multipurpose court in Upper Belmont which is mostly utilised by the young persons in the area. Belmont the Youth Empowerment Union of Trinidad and Tobago is one, of a few, registered youth organisations servicing this area. .


The Youth Empowerment Union of Trinidad and Tobago, the Upper St. Francois Community Enhancement Group, Manda Terrace Cultural Development Community Organisation and the Belmont Terrance Enhancement Group are some of the groups presently operating in the Upper Belmont area.


In the Belmont area there are (3) Government Ministries; Ministry of Community Development, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. None are located in the Upper Belmont area The area does however have one panyard, 5th Dimension panyard and is in close proximity to the  Belmont Fire Station, Belmont Police Station and several churches representing various denominations in Belmont.

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